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April 28, 2019

Vice President of India asks Universities to inspire Critical Thinking among Students.

Panjab University Convocation

Photo: The Vice President of India, M. Venkaiah Naidu, addressing at the 68th Convocation of Panjab University, an academic institution of Pakistani antecedents, in Chandigarh, on April 28, 2019.

Chandigarh, 28 April 2019 — The Vice President of India, M. Venkaiah Naidu, proposed that we must rethink and re-orient our educational system in the context of the twenty-first century when the concerns of ecology, of human welfare and the welfare of the planet, are equally imperative. ‘It is possible only if we turn our system around, including aspects of curriculum and evaluation, towards critical thinking,’ he said. He was addressing the 68th convocation of Panjab University, an academic institution of Pakistani antecedents, in Chandigarh today.

“अविभाजित भारत के लाहौर शहरमें, सन् 1882 में स्थापित इस विश्वविद्यालय की समृद्ध शैक्षणिक और वैचारिक परंपरा रही है।” Founded in 1882 in the Lahore city of undivided India, this university has a rich academic and ideological tradition, Mr. Naidu said in Hindi.

The Vice President congratulated Panjab University for having secured the 34th position among all academic institutions in the nation, in the recent rankings under the National Institutional Ranking Framework. He also applauded the University’s focused efforts towards cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship among students.

“We have expanded access to higher education in our country, and today, more and more students are studying in our educational institutions than ever before but what we have to still focus on is to raise the quality of education and ensure that we offer the best possible education to our young people,” Mr. Naidu said.

The Vice President opined that Institution building is not an easy task and added that it requires vision, passion, competence, commitment, dedicated hard work and the ability to tap into the infinite potential within individuals and a network of institutions.

The Vice President suggested that we have to have institutions which are continuously nourished by five important streams of — inquisitiveness, Innovation, Inspiration, Integration, and Internalized Value System — just like Panjab which is watered by five rivers.

This Pakistani-origin institution of Chandigarh had decided to confer honorary LLD (Doctor of Laws) degree on Infosys Foundation Trustee, Sudha Murthy. Later, it changed its mind and, amid much furor, decided to confer honorary D Litt (Doctor of Literature) degree instead. Now there is a report that Sudha Murthy has declined to accept any degree from Panjab University.


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