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October 7, 2012

Airbus’ ‘Fly Your Ideas’ Challenge brings Innovation to University Campus

Airbus, Global Giants


Photo: A320 on display at the ILA Berlin Air Show. 14 Sep 2012. © Airbus S.A.S 2012. Photo by S. Ramadier.

Airbus, International Brands

Photo: Public-Days A380. The 2012 Farnborough Airshow’s public days included a high-profile presence by Airbus’ 21st century flagship A380. © Airbus S.A.S. 2012.

Airbus, International Brands


Photo: Smarter Skies - TIME WASTED PER FLIGHT GLOBALLY. This Airbus Smarter Skies infographic highlights the advantages of flying aircraft equipped with optimised Air Traffic Management systems and technology, which would lead to reductions in costs, fuel burned and emissions. © Airbus S.A.S 2012.

Airbus’ Fly Your Ideas - a UNESCO-backed biennial competition - is challenging students worldwide to develop new ideas for a more sustainable aviation industry.

Prize winners will get a week of learning with top Airbus innovators and €30,000.

This competition enables Airbus to interact with universities across the globe and students of all disciplines, sharing insight on how the industry leader is developing new technologies for the more sustainable aviation that future travelers are looking for.

“We are looking to engage and interact with the next wave of talents who share our vision for a more sustainable future aviation industry,” said Charles Champion, Executive Vice President Engineering Airbus and Fly Your Ideas patron. “We hope to stimulate ideas and international exchange within the global student and academic community to inspire the next generation of innovators.”

Global enthusiasm for Fly Your Ideas continues to grow, with 111 teams from 55 countries already registered to participate in the 2013 edition.

This year the topics for the competition are: “Energy”; “Efficiency”; “Affordable Growth”; “Traffic Growth”; “Passenger Experience” and “Community Friendliness.” These have been identified by Airbus as the six key challenges of the 21st century for a sustainable aviation industry.


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